Friday, July 27, 2007


Wow, busy week... had to move the whole art dept. to the Paramount lot. Ahh, Hollywood, here we come.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Nick Thune

I saw this guy live the other night, one of my new favorite comedians, definitely one to watch his site

Jeremy Blake R.I.P

One of my favorite L.A. artists mysteriously drowned himself this week. Read about it here

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Funny thing, a while back I was working on a David O. Russell film that was about a geeky kid who switches bodies with Vince Vaughn, anyway... about the only thing I liked about the script was that the kid was obsessed with the musical act, Hall and Oates. Because the thing with Hall and Oates is, the music isn't horrible, but they have such a funny 80's style. Anyhow, recently H & O held a Youtube lip syncing contest and here is one of the videos here

Monday, July 23, 2007

Another Kitchen Shot


I saw Danny Boyle's Sunshine this weekend, I must say I was a fan of his previous films, but this new one was confusing in several ways, but overall entertaining. I really liked the sets, and the way that space travel to the sun was dealt with but about 3/4 way through, the movie changes tone, and I can't say it's for the better. Interesting note, A's work always screens these films the day of release, but for some reason Searchlight opted not to do an employee screening... hmmm. I wonder why? Certainly it wasn't because the film was a dud, who knows... If you liked Event Horizon, or for that matter Armageddon, you will like Sunshine, and if you've seen the film, then be sure to check out this site which offers back stories of all the characters and an interactive virtual tour of the spacecraft, the Icarus II.

The Short House Show

Saturday night, Culver City got a tad bit brighter as a group of Otis MFA artists put on a house show... it was refreshing to see these artists exhibiting such high quality work, taking risks, and having fun. Nice job folks. The image shown is by artist Terra Kuroda.

The Forbidden Kingdom

"Perhaps there is a bit of fear and trepidation in the film-geek community about hyping up a martial arts/family film directed by the guy who helmed The Lion King and Stuart Little. Forbidden Kingdom tells of an American kid who accidentally travels back to Ancient China by a magic [staff] and he has to team up with three masters to rescue the Monkey King. We want to love this film because it has teamed up Jet Li and Jackie Chan. By golly, this is a match made in heaven. Here we see our four leads in full costume - (L to R) Michael Angarano, Jet Li, Liu Yifei and Jackie Chan." A friend of mine read an early version of the script and said it was terrible... but he had heard since, that the rewrites were better... Could be cool, we'll see Sept. 2008.