Friday, October 28, 2005

Oh no!

A little thanks from me to everyone who reads Woospace. You all rock!

This one's for you Jim.

Spooky Pooch

Okay, Here's my first Halloween tribute piece! Pet lover's get ready to wet your pets, I mean pants. Ugh, anyway, check out these spooky pooches! I had a really hard time choosing the right many funny faces. Go Here

Pickle Your Own

Finally, I get to post my Kimchi story. It seems that the Kimchi Imported from China, has some kind of "fecal bateria" in it. So S. Korea has banned all importation of the yummy pickled delight, moral: Pickle Your Own, people! Check out the article

Thursday, October 27, 2005


Dudes and Hosers

Woobot of the Week

Slow Wave

Slow Wave is a collective dream diary authored by different people from around the world, and drawn as a comic strip by Jesse Reklaw. A new strip is uploaded every week on the first minute of Saturday in San Francisco. Bookmark this page and check back each week for the latest Wave! Slow Wave

Craig Mullins

Craig Mullins is a great illustrator who has been drafting commercially for all kinds movie projects like Final Fantasy and Peter Pan . He graduated from Art Center and now lives in Hawaii. Anyway, he has a lot of great sci-fi, fantasy, and unsual environments. Enjoy.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Chocolate Bar NYC

Check out Chocolate Bar's website for great treats. You know you deserve it. Also, in November they will release special edition "artist designed" Chocolate bars by the likes of Gary Basemen and Tim Biskup. And you can also help save CBGB's by buying some "benefit" chocolate. Ah, the taste of punk.

Back Dorm Boys: Update

Okay, this is getting crazy, but I think I'm becoming a legitimate fan of these guys. I posted the BSB song by the Chinese college kids, well I did some research and come to find out they call themselves the "Back Dorm Boys" and they are students at Guangdong Arts Institute. For more of their BSB covers go here but what I really recommend is this site It's in Chinese but has tons of great pictures, and their Motorola commercial...the clip is really cool. Enjoy!


This is a cool link to stuff this guy finds at flea markets. I really dig the 25 yr old sticker collection. More photos and stuff here!

Celebrity Soundboards...

I got one of these calls one night, they're pretty freaky. They are prank calls utilizing celebrities and their soundbites. I recommend the Arnold ones and the Jack Blacks. Click here for calls. And the David Brent (boss on the British Office) soundboard is fun to play with enjoy

The Game

Rock critic Neil Strauss thought he had problems attracting girls, so he decided to learn the ropes from professional pick up artists. He went to experts like Ross Jeffries, who goes around the country giving Speed Seduction seminars ("The ultimate training, perfect for total confidence and success with the hot, sexy, beautiful women you've always wanted") and found out that the techniques actually work. Strauss discovered that he really could pick up beautiful women using the methods he learned up from the pros (they often involve hypnosis-style banter and neurolinguistic programming techniques.)

Strauss then begins to examine the professional pick up artists themselves, by moving in with them in a house in West Hollywood (not exactly a bastion of heterosexualtiy). These artists are like a secret society, complete with their own impenetrable jargon (there's a great glossary in the back of the book).- M. Frauenfelder I haven't read this book yet, but I know it has been optioned for a theatrical release. I want to read it before it comes to the big screen! To buy or read excerpts, check this Link

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

China Style!

This clip is straight up hilarious. I had difficulty syncing the video with the audio track, the later section is a little better, but regardless, the clip is worth watching. In it,two Chinese college students are rocking some Back Street Boys (BSB). And for the record, Chinese college students do really love BSB. Clip here.

Around Town

This image is was taken at the intersection of Tilden and Washington in Culver City, CA. Geez, you'd think we were in AZ!

Hollywood vs. Hong Kong

Hollywood has been desperate to enforce it's ant-piracy measures, but we all know how well that's been going. But recently, there have been a few arrests, surprise surprise. Yesterday, a Hong Kong man was convicted of movie internet piracy in what is believed to be the first case involving BitTorrent file-sharing software. I can't believe this guy might go to jail for copying three crappy ass movies, Red Plant, Miss Congeniality, and friggin Daredevil. Ouch. For details read here.

New Muppet show?

Variety is reporting that the Muppets will likely have a new show on ABC (Disney). Apparently, since acquiring the Muppets, the Mouse House has been thinking of ways to "relaunch" the Muppet franchise to a new audience. The pitch is..."America's next Muppet". Kermit and Miss Peggy will be judges, I suppose. For more read here.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Jesse Simon

Jesse Simon's first solo show opened at Patricia Faure gallery this weekend. There is never a clear path toward any artist's first solo show, but Simon's is particularly interesting. Known for his skill as a graffiti artist and member of the KGB crew, he influenced contemporary artists such as Gajin Fujita and Alex Kizu (K2S crew). Simon spent his early days creating graffiti art for movies such as 1988's "Colors" and did other design work including billboards and movie posters. But Simon's range as an artist extended beyond the world of graffiti and design. In 1996 He received his BFA from California College of Arts and Crafts, and in 2001 He received his MFA in painting from Hunter College. In the fall of that same year, Jesse had achieved what few artists do, coverage of his work in the three major art-world periodicals and an invitation to participate in the Dave Hickey curated "Site Santa Fe's Beau Monde." Around this time Jesse's other passion, surfing, had also begun to influence his work. Struck by the raw material of the inner foam of his broken surf boards, Jesse began utilizing the material to create abstract work that straddled the line between painting and sculpture. The new work began to develop as Simon painstakingly and patiently sanded the surfaces, creating luminescent objects that were both mysterious and beautiful. Today, Simon has taken his work to yet another level, utilizing pigments and resin to create a diverse field of surfaces and colors. His new paintings on view at the Patricia Faure Gallery are seductive in their construction and are inspiring in their sparse compositions. For more images visit the galleries site.


Retro Crush has some great content. You can really get lost in this site, and I definitely recommend it. They have a great piece about the original Kong, good horror stuff, and a great piece on the worst Halloween costumes of all time. Their collection of old plastic costumes is incredible! A must see... And for bonus points, anyone who loves to rock a Halloween costume, take a shot of yourself in your gear and email the image, and I'll put it up on Woospace. Hope I have some takers....Happy Haunting.

The Starchild is born

This link is pretty impressive. It is the link to a nifty flash site that guides the viewer through the evolutionary and philosophical points of Stanley Kubrick's 2001 Space Odyssey. It's a little long (about 10 min), but the site's animation is really good. And it is entertaining, I really enjoyed it. Check it out, if you have the time.


Last night I took in the world premiere play, Melancholia. Melancholia is loosely based on a true story of a young Iraq vet who kills two innocent men and then returns home haunted by the war. Without any escape from the horrors he has seen, he commits suicide. Produced by the Latino Theater Company Laboratory, the show is clearly a brainchild of a well oiled machine. The troop wrote and constructed the piece collaboratively and their familiarity with one another and the work only makes the viewing experience that much greater. Spanning from drunken parties on the eve of shipping off, to creepy VA Hospitals, to the heat of battle, to singing and dancing numbers; the play shows great variety and poise. But perhaps the show's greatest strength lies in it's talented young ensemble cast. The main character is played by several different talented actors throughout the character's life. And the character's Tar and Skittles are played as two lost ghosts from a Shakespearian Nightmare. Good stuff all around.

Say Hi To Your Mom

Saturday night, I saw the band, Say Hi To Your Mom. Who wouldn't like a band with a song called, "Yeah, I'm in love with an Android"? I must confess I was first drawn to the band because of their penchant for bots, but they also bring the rock. "Ferocious Mopes" is a really good record. You can check it out here with sample clips, and three free downloads! Dig it...