Thursday, March 22, 2007


This is kinda cool, on my last show I helped design a mural for a strip club, called the "Body Shop" on the Sunset Strip.
Apparently, the owner liked it so much, that he's going to make it permanent. So the next time your on the Strip, check it out!

Leslie Hall

Wow! I think I have witnessed the coming of age of a true web celebrity (cewebrity?) Last night, I caught performance artist, Leslie Hall's first L.A. show and Leslie and Co. did not disappoint. Leslie gave the audience what they came for, plenty of rocking moves and GOLD PANTS! From dance offs with children, to a history lesson on the Bedazzler, Leslie covered it all in her raw magnetic style. I actually hope they give her a reality show, so that all of America can see what gems, Leslie and her "DJ" sidekick Dr. Laura truly are. Leslie Hall

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Hell Yeah, Tofu Robot!

Get yours, here!

I'm Back...

Just getting settled in at a new job, and lo and behold I ran into this parked behind my building.