Friday, May 19, 2006

Peace Out Humans

If you're in town this weekend, Sat from 11 - 4 at Bergamont Station at Track 16 you can check out a plethora of art all for a good cause, including my painting. late.

Scott Saw

Skulls, Pods, Asteroids, Spacescapes... behold the art of Saw

Sai Mai

Sai Mai, a 26-month-old female tiger, plays with baby pigs at a zoo in Thailand. The Royal Bengali tigress was born in captivity and breast-fed by a female pig for four months after her birth. Click here for more. There are pages in there full of "odd/cute animal pairings". Very sweet.

My Blue Nation

Were all too familiar with the Red state Blue state maps indicating just how divided our country is. Well, not anymore! With Bush's approval rating TANKING all across the country, the current map would look like this... ahh, a beautiful Blue Nation. For more click here.

SoaP auditions

Apparently, all the great buzz Snakes has been getting has started to wane, read here for that but in meantime, here's a funny spoof done at the height of SoaP fever, SoaP auditions

Fast Food Nation

Richard Linklater's latest thriller? Watch the trialer here

10 Commandments Comedy

Remixed "10 Commandments" trailer... done teen comedy style. link via*boingboing

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Zod 08!

Thanks to Jimsmash, I found this lovely candidate I'm planning on voting for in the 2008 election. Elect Zod!

Typhoon Chanchu

Did you know that China's Fujian Province is facing a deadly typhoon that has already landed in Guandong? Well, it is and these Chinese soldiers are getting getting ready for it.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Desiree Arlette Holman

Another artist, three in a row! Desiree is a video, sculptor, animator. I like her use of "dolls" and play in her work. There's some great weird stuff here, check out her Troglobyte Project. link

Jessica Joslin

More sculpture, Jessica Joslin combines animal bones, sculpture and jewelry design, to create a "cabinet of curiosities". Pretty Goth stuff. link

Richard Sweeny

Beyond Oragami, Sculptor Richard Sweeny, creates these crazy sculptures made of paper without cutting, just scoring and flolding! link

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Han Shot First

If you do buy the new Star Wars discs, how great would it be to wedge'em between these "dvd ends". A bit pricey, but pretty cool. link

Caddy Shack Bunny Style

You've seen'em do the Shinning, Brokeback Mtn, and now... caddy shack, bunny style

Dan Clowes

If you've seen Ghost World or Art School Confidential then you might want to check out this insightful interview with comic creator/screenwriter Dan Clowes. link

Peewee PSA

A powerful anti-crack PSA with Paul Ruben's aka PeeWee circa 85 link