Friday, October 19, 2007

Chinese Manager Meets Super Hero


Me likey... technically, an ashtray, but %100 bad ass!

Monopoly: Electronic Banking Edition

Parker Brothers has teamed up with Visa to put out this debit card version of Monopoly.
To see a demo click here. I think it costs about $35 bucks, not sure if this would be fun or not? What do you think?

Chinese Lunar Probe



I haven't seen this show in person, but there is a great slide show
the concept is Hollywood art meets Halloween art. Some of these pieces, I really enjoyed, hope you do too.

Kurt Cobain Film

Variety is reporting that the book Heavier Than Heaven has been optioned and screenwirter David Benioff has been hired to write it. I have been wanting to see a project like this for some time. But I am skeptical, because Courtney is producing and she also had a hand in the creation of the book. But none the less, I think it could be good. Rumor is, that Courtney would like to see Ewan McGregor play Kurt, but fans think Joe Anderson (Across the Universe) pictured here, would be a good fit. I don't know about him myself, but he does seem to be the right age, and does have that Kurt look. Any thoughts?

Storyboard and Concept Artist

Joe Kennedy, graduated from the same art school I went to, Otis College of Art and Design. Check out his work here!

Think Beauty

Impressive fence wrapping.... here

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Check it!

I liked 80's Spielberg better.

Tale of two Blacks

I went to check out "Black Francis" the other night, and was treated to some great new songs. Frank cranked out his new "rock opera" Bluefinger, which is a concept album of sorts, as it is based on the life and death of Dutch artist/musician Herman Broot. They're are some great tunes on the new one including threshold aprehension. which sounds a great deal like a Pixies song, particularly because of the female backing vocals. As a bonus, we got a celebrity Frank Black Fan sighting as, the other Black, Jack Black was there sporting a blonde short hair-do, for his upcoming film "Tropical Thunder".

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Monday, October 15, 2007

Real Transformer

Some dudes in Nanjing, China built this... but it doesn't transform. Next they are going to make an Optimus Prime!

Moz in Hollywood

Finally saw the great Moz, Saturday night at the world famous Hollywood Palladium. What a fun show, one of the best, I've seen in a very long time. Morrissey is a world class performer. He did everything right, he had the audience screaming for more. Great band, and after a 10 night residency, his voice still sounded good, pretty sweet.