Friday, April 27, 2007

The art of Ilana Kohn

Take a look see...

The Kegger!

A friend of mine wrote and directed this funny video as a response to Will Ferrell's "Landlord" video. It's pretty damn funny, and just launched today... "I want a Smoothie!" Damn it, watch it now! *note, as of posting the "funny or die" site had been overwhelmed and crashed, but I'm assuming this link will work in the future... try it later, that is if you think drunk babies are funny.

Slug Rock

Just got sent this pic of my drummer, GP, circa 89?

"Magneto" the Nazi Hunter

Info on the X-men spinoff film, "Magneto"... where he hunts down the Nazi soldiers who tortured his family....

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Patrick Tatopoulos

I recently met someone who is friends with this guy and talked about his creature work, sure enough I checked him out on IMDB and was amazed by all the creatures he has brought to the silverscreen. Take a look at all the films he has in pipeline, "Outlander" is a viking vs. aliens flick, and "I am Legend" is a big budget vampire flick, plus "10,000 b.c." could be cool too. So if you're into creature films and want to know what's on the horizon, then look here. Pic is from Dark City which Patrick production designed way back when.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


As announced at New York Comic Con, Earth's Mightiest Heroes are preparing to meet the Robots in Disguise for a major crossover this summer in NEW AVENGERS/TRANSFORMERS. Launching July 5th, alongside the premiere of the big-budget blockbuster "Transformers" movie, the four-issue comic crossover is being brought to life by writer Stuart Moore and penciler Tyler Kirkham.

Still Smashing?

Naw... all is better, chilled out by checking out these cool images on shape flow
fixed link... oops.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Barrandov Studios

Check out these cool archived sets from the famed Czech Republic film studio
Barrandov Studios
*the featured pic is from a Dune remake in 2000

Mazinger Z

Apparently, in Tarragona, Spain there is a giant Mazinger Z statue... behold!

Spidey Product Placement

link watch this funny video filled with all the product placements in Spidey3!

The Vampire Lovers

Original Trailer