Friday, March 09, 2007

R2-Mail U

Snail Mail just got cool agian! Check out these mailbox/droid units coming to a postal center near you! link

The Residents


Thursday, March 08, 2007


Table Parties

There is something disturbing about these "living tables", which are meant to make your corporate party be more fun, but I found myself having to look at them all. See for yourself, here and click on the picture to enlarge... yes, that's a living hershey kiss!

Final Fantasy

Yesterday, I went out to one of our locations, the Los Angeles Arboretum and saw the "Fantasy Island" house. It was pretty cool, I would of loved to see Tattoo run out and take my luggage...

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Carlo Giovani

Carlo does wonders with paper, link

Jackson Shrub

"Greens" have been making sets come to life since the early days of film. Some of the biggest movies feature a wide variety of greens to enhance the look and feel of a set. Check out the Jackson Shrub site to view the often overlooked world of bringing plant life to the screen. link Just look at the gnarly constructed tree outside the "gotham asylum"....

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


You gotta love a nearly all female Brazilian rock group that has stolen the KISS font. Plus their music is good too! listen.

And You Hate Your Commute...

Worst snowstorm in 57 years drops on Shenyang, China.

Only in LA (or Burbank)

Blood, that's right folks, you can get your ready to use blood puddles right here. Check out all the different sizes, wow...

LA Hazards

Although we may have 80 degree temps, we also have the Freeways of Disaster. Check out what happened to my friends this weekend! (No one was hurt, fortunately)

Monday, March 05, 2007

Future Red?

Red flags indicate Chinese occupied commercial shipping facilities in North and Central America. These facilities, along with Chinese cargo vessels, are considered by Beijing to be military assets. If you find that interesting than read this article, here.

Bots for the lazy Blogger

Check out these bots called "PaPeRo", you talk to to them and then they go out and search the internet for subjects relating to your conversation and then find articles, images, music that you may want to put on your blog... Damn, that's pretty far out,


Check out this trailer of Satoshi Kon's latest flick, here.

Dragon Dance

I have participated in this crazy festival when I was living in China. It's balls out crazy, as they set off these giant fireworks from inside a festival (paper!) dragon. As you can see, sparks go shooting everywhere. I remember seeing Chinese mothers with their babies strapped to their backs running for cover. It's a pretty wild time.