Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Space Between Your Teeth

Finally, I got a chance to write some new songs... I really had fun this time out and wrote the rock anthem, "Here She Comes Now?" which is one part AC/DC one part Van Halen, and a whole lot of Woo! Next, I wrote a dance track, and I must say, it will make you wanna shake your groove thang fo sho!, and lastly I wrote a middle eastern rock ballad dedicated to bad kitties. Well, I hope you check them out and feel the rock! (to play just click on "Stream Hi" for best listening experience) Enjoy!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Happy Good Friday

Land of the Lost Video

I found this interesting site, and thought this was a cool idea, a collective blog for tapeheads... "Hello everyone! I have created this site so people can post want ads for videos or dvds they are looking for. The user name is findavideo and the password is tapehead." Enjoy.

Nina Hagen

Check out this great Apocolyptica video featuring the awesome Nina Hagen. Apocolyptica is an all cello heavy metal band that really rocks hard (honest), and Nina is singing in German and sounding vicious. See video here and if you've never heard of Nina Hagen then you should check out her being interviewed by David Letterman in 1985, she's great. Nina

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Zombie Girl

Don't know if you've heard about this one (Harry Knowles first wrote about this), but a little girl--the one being attacked by the "zombies"-- wrote and directed a film called Pathogen (her mother must of always been telling her to wash her hands) anyway, I found the site for her film and there's also a few trailers and other links. Pretty cool for a little kid. link

optic desire

Found this cool flickr set by "optic desire", a very good photographer... This link is from "Artscape" in Baltimore. Fun stuff. link

Latest Disney Death

I have never been on Disney's Mission Space at Epcot, but apparently the ride creates the feeling of being launched into space and it killed a 4 yr old boy earlier this year and has now claimed its second victim, a German woman with "pre-existing" heart conditions. Read an article about the reopening of the road here and a woman is tracking all the spin and publicity surrounding Disney and the death here.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Happy Passover


Check out the site called "Re-Imagineering" where Internet bloggers discuss what Pixar's addition to the Disney fold could mean to the theme parks. This is a cool site that has all kinds of speculation and interesting comments about the different kinds of direction the new Disney "Imagineers" may/could go in. link and to read an article about how the site got started go here.

Robot Monkey Brain

This is a strange story about scientists rigging a robotic arm to a monkey's brain. Is it sad or is it good, you decide...
link via aaron*via mr.simple

Get creative with your peeps

Here is a recipe for various peep treats, link and be sure to click here to view a world of peeps like you've never seen, the galleries will amaze you. Cheers.

Mai'Nada Comics

Similar to sketchbook, now comes, Mai'Nada's Comics, where you can rate other people's scketches as well as add your own., The cool thing is you can view the way artists draw their sketches, line-by-line. This is pretty damn cool so check it out. link via boin boing

American Dreamz Premiere

Last night at the arclight was the premiere of the film I worked on last summer. I got an 11th hour call to attend the screening, so I headed out to Hollywood. The screening was at 7:30, and since this little 15 min jaunt takes about an hour during rush hour traffic, I didn't get to eat. This being my first premiere, I was really excited to find free popcorn and sodas waiting for us, a very nice treat. The film was very good, it was really amazing seeing a project that you've worked on unfold before your eyes. I never knew how some of the jokes would translate from the page to screen, but I must say, it works. The movie is very funny and entertaining, with a stand out performance by Sam Golzari and Tony Yalda. Afterwards, there was a great party with a gourmet spread and open bar. Unfortunately, I was too tired to make the rounds, as I'm still recovering from the wedding I attended this weekend, so we split early. But the highlight, had to be seeing my name in the credits. Anyhow, if you want to see more images from the premiere click here

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A First Amendment Moment

Have you seen Harry Taylor excerise his right to free speech and challenge the President during a question and answer session on CNN? It's quite a beautiful site to behold, check it out,
Link and if you agree with Harry, you can thank him here at thank you harry Also, I love the look of the woman sitting next to him, priceless.


French artist, Cramm Oliver aka Koadz, has some nice graphic illustrations. link

hand vegetable

Doesn't that look like Mickey Mouse's hands, veggie style. Cool.


Wow, I found this guy's site who is part of the 501st stormtrooper garrison, in of all places, my home state, Maryland. This guy was probably in the back of my high school class, wearing his "may the force be with you" t-shirt. Anyway, his site is pretty interesting, documenting his "tours of duty" where he and his friends show off their costumes and promote tyrannical rule of the universe. And yes, that's a stormtrooper bowling ball! Stormtrooper

Monday, April 10, 2006

Story Dance

A middle school in Australia, entered into a national competition, in the "story-dance" category. The pictures of the students and the explanation of the their "story" is great. link

Chinese Street Performers

This looks fairly incredible, or incredibly sad... But in China, often child street performers are out on the street trying to drum up a buck. Here is a link to some images of these two boys doing their street act in Shenzhen. link

Yoda Egg

"To dye or not to dye, decide you must"

More Cosplay pics

Here is a flickr set from a Cherry Blossom festival in Japan. check it

Marcus Oakley

"I'm orginally from Acle a village in Norfolk, My work as artist work has many influence's including my childhood in Nofolk, the wonderful harmonic and melodic music of the Beach Boys, the pastoral delights of the countryside and friendly and not so friendly animals that inhabit it." link