Friday, May 25, 2007

Star Wars Celebration

In honor of the geek fest this weekend here is a piece about the woman who would be "Aura Sing" - Bounty Hunter Babe.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007



Doc Martins is exploiting deceased rockers for their new Doc Martins "Forever" campaign. Look here to see Kurt, Sid, and Joe in thier docs.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Two Wills

OMG... Will Arnet and Will Forte in a baby making comedy about two idiots... sign me UP!, looks funnier than Andy Samberg's Hot Rod

Shunya Yamashita

Manga style erotica characters... link *some animated boobs

Monday, May 21, 2007

History of America

Can't tell what I think of this... an all greenscreen low budget film about astronauts versus cowboys... hmmm you decide


Kuato Lives

I barely remembered this character from Total Recall, but the gang at SNL didn't forget... Watch this amusing skit where Scarlet and Andy go at it inside their and I also found the site that did some of the original wax scupltures used for the character in the film, Alvarez Wax Models

Ed Brubaker

Interview with Comic writer Ed Brubaker


Rock Pics?

20 band photos that are so bad, that they're good... what's your worst/best?

Satellite Party

I have followed Perry Farrell's career since 1989's Nothing's Shocking, but had fallen out of interest as of late, but it seems that he has done what I thought he couldn't do, re-invent his music, this time not as "hard rock" or "electronica" but as a viable band with a nice variety of songs. There's even a Jim Morrison track at the end of the record (?), go to their website for a listen, here or check out this youtube mini sampler here. Not sure about some of the stuff Perry says (what's new) but the songs do sound good for a change. And yes, that's Perry's wife in the band... Record comes out May 29th.

King of Kong

This doc is doing very well on the festival circuit and has been purchased to become a Hollywood film about two men and their struggle for the title of Donkey Kong Champion. link