Saturday, October 01, 2005

Friday, September 30, 2005

Now that's a Party!

To celebrate National day in China, the ChongQing Safari Park in southwest China's Chongqing Municipality is organizing a contest nationwide with animals to show their performance in sports, the image is of Yuhui, a young orangutan, who is practising weightlifting. I can only imagine what other "athletes" they will have perform in honor of the Revolution. Somebody better call Peta quick.

Wow that's Fugly...

Have some free time? Want really bitchy commentary about celebs and their fashion, okay then! go fug yourself is the place for you. I especially like their Courtney Love section, and of course the always half dressed Bai Ling...

So, who has the better suit?

You don't see this everyday. Angelina Jolie, Condoleezza Rice and Senator Hillary Clinton attend the Global Business Coalition gala awards dinner in Washington, D.C., September 28, 2005. The GBC is hosting events this week in Washington to applaud companies active in the global AIDS fight, coordinate private sector response to the AIDS pandemic and to meet congressional leaders and to dicuss how to build opportunities for business and government collaboration on HIV/AIDS.

Chinese Rain

And you thought you had a bad commute...

Where's the smile, Yao?

NBA star Yao Ming (R) and Athens Olympic gold medalist Liu Xiang pose for a photo after being named Shanghai image representatives September 26, 2005. City officials said the appointment would raise the profile of the city, as the two image ambassadors will promote its logo and generate a buzz around city-related events. Ugh, someone needs to tell Yao that as an "image ambassador", it helps if you smile. I know big guy, you don't like this kind of stuff, but come on, show a little teeth!

Happy Shining People

This is really a cool idea, cut your own trailer, from a classic horror movie. Watch the
Shining trailer and see how the Kubrick ghost film, becomes a cuddly heart warming comedy. And if you like that you'll also like the Shining in 30 seconds with bunnies by Jenifer Shiman, Bunny Funny Note: the trailer takes a minute to load, but it's worth the wait!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Wookies Need love too

Now, this is the real duo...and they're not playing baseball! This photo was apparently found on Flikr. At first it was believed not to be photoshop, but I think there's something weird about that wookie hand. Fun none the less.

Tian'anmen's new fountain

In honor of China's 56th National day on October 1, Tian'anmen square has been given a new fountain with a whole heck of a lot of flowers...

Woospace Artist: Lari Pittman

Lari Pittman is a giant figure in Contemporary painting, well, as far as west coast painters goes, and definitely the biggest name in west coast gay painters. But for me, Lari's work transcends gay or straight art. Lari is a paint technician. His work is so dense, detailed, and layered that's its hard for anyone to not appreciate it. I was first exposed to Lari's work at school, (he's partners with the head of my program, also talented painter, Roy Dowell) Every time I see a new piece by Lari, I am more impressed. He utilizes stencils, airbrush, and tightly crafted handwork to create complicated landscapes and abstract images. Here is a link for more of his work, although it's a little dated now. Hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Woobot of the Week

This is Rubi...Rubi works at UCSD in the daycare center. Someday, robots will help develop all children...a pleasant thought, I know. To read about Rubi, go here


I also saw a sneak of Ryan Renyolds new film, Waiting... The film is okay and at times there are a some laughs. But what I find interesting is how this small Indie film got made, and the story of how the writer became the director without any experience. The writer/director Rob Mckittrick was at our screening, and of course he use to be a waiter, and had come up with this "hilarious" script, and the story of him getting it made and becoming the director...would be a much better movie than the penis and gross out food jokes in the film. Over at the film's website you can read Rob's blog detailing his rise to Hollywood glory. Oh yeah, and Dane Cook is in the film, but not nearly enough.


Last night I saw the French band, M83 at the Avalon in Hollywood. I didn't know what to expect from these guys, because their music is sonic and mysterious. Turns out, they are half human, half machine. The four members play live while accompanied by a generous amount of prerecorded sounds. The result is really cool. I thought there was a woman in the band, but then, after hearing them live, I realized she is just a computer... M83 rocked and stayed polite saying "merci" between songs. Check out their site, I love M83

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Robot Uprising!

This Book looks awesome, coming out in Novemeber, How to survive a Robot uprising...will definitely be on my reading list. click here for more info. Good luck, humans!

Unchecked Hollywood Insider

Mark Lasanti, is a blogger on a mission, to dish on Hollywood gossip. Perhaps the first of its kind, Defamer permits up to the minute news about Hollywood players and insiders. It can be a fun read...

Music Videos Anyone?

Remember Music Videos? Mtv used to play them, now you can find them here at cliptip . This is a cool site. Check out the Squarepusher Clip directed by Chris Cunningham, very cool.

A Scanner Darkly

Phillip K. Dick and Richard Linklater! Yeah, and Keanu too... I am looking forward to this, check out the trailer here