Friday, February 23, 2007

Recycled Art

Each artist was asked to find a framed piece of artwork at their local thrift store and manipulate it into a piece of their own

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Dead Sodas

Check out this site that lists 11 now defunct sodas and the story of their demise. See which ones you remember here.

The Beginning of the End

Here is a documentary about the 7 week wait to watch Lucas' extremely underwhelming "Phantom Menace". I suppose the title of the doc is appropriate on several levels... You can watch the entire doc online for free, here. "Get back in line..."

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Laser Tag!

This is too damn cool, please do yourself a favor and go check out what is going on at the graffiti research lab.
You can thank me later. Graffiti Research Lab

Jen Stark

Wow you have to admire the dedication it takes to makes some of these pieces. Stark's sculptures are mostly comprised of construction paper, and some are even animated. Take a look here.

Chinese New Year

Last Sunday night was Chinese New Year, if you had lived in China you would have watched this on TV... and probably sung along.

Knocked Up

Three months out, the Knocked Up trailer has been released. I'm not sure if I hadn't worked on the show how I would feel about the trailer. From what I know, it definitely seems like they're playing up the "heart" and not the laughs in the trailer, because don't be fooled, there is a lot of gross out funny humor in this one. I have read the script, but that doesn't mean much because a lot the film was improvised, so I'm sure the jokes will be new to me. I really admired, how Seth Rogen and best his best friend Evan Goldberg have casually planted an anchor in the comedy world, writing and producing on both Knocked Up and the teen/slacker comedy Super Bad. I will say that my experience with Judd Apatow was very limited, but ultimately disappointing. I thought Judd would be the kind of director who is bright and friendlly with everyone, but he wasn't. But it seems like he's doing something right, as I believe this one will play to big audiences come June 1. Check out the trailer for yourself, here.