Friday, March 03, 2006

Have a great weekend


So it's that time again, Oscars! We are having our annual party with the big screen projection, jalapeno poppers, and plenty of booze. We will be getting caddy in style! So in honor of Sunday's award show here are two links that are fun. The first is an Astrological Oscar Anaylsis that talks about who is destined to win because their "star" sign is in the house of Virgo, or something like that, the other is a Top Ten List that the oscars wish they had, with catagories like..."the performer whos acting lessons finally payed off most for" Fun stuff all around. Oh yeah, and if you're having an Oscar party, try this fun drinking game, everytime someone says "Ang Lee", take a drink... You're going to need a bottle for this one.

Robot Video

Check out this great Robot video... Designed to climb steps, this is a must see, I especially like the kung-fu bow at the end... who builds these things? link

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Looks like I'm getting Showtime... is reporting that Arrested Development is indeed moving to Showtime! Read about it here,

Art Students

My buddy just sent me this image, it's a little more dynamic than the other one, click on the image to see mr. woo.... I saw Capote this weekend, which was great by the way, and I saw the Art School trailer, and saw myself on the big screen for the first time, it's kinda weird. But I'm looking forward to this, I think I might go with a group of art school students from my old grad program at Otis If you haven't seen the art school site, check it out here!

LA Streets and Screens

I've been writing consistently for the last six months on a spec script called: Alone/Together, The main character is an insomniac who goes out at night and tags billboards. I really like this image, my friend Random, did a great job on this one. If you haven't checked out his site, you should....Buff Monster

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Haunted Mansion gets UPDATED!

First we got the news about the Pirates of the Caribbean changes, and now Haunted Mansion! Brace yourself folks, because the Old Haunted Manor, is getting updated. The biggest changes will be coming to the attic scene, as that's where the new plotline will be most evident. As it is now, the attic scene is simply a cluttered and dusty place with a ghost inexplicably dressed like a bride with that spooky beating heart. But when the additions are all installed, the bride will become a much more sinister character who has apparently been killing off all of her previous husbands. As the doombuggies pass through the attic, riders will see portraits of several dashing young gentlemen, with each portrait piled next to "the loot" that the man brought in to the marriage. Those portraits will look familiar as they'll be the same faces that were just beginning to appear in ghost form back in the seance circle. But a new special effect will allow the heads of these gentleman to suddenly disappear from the portrait, as if they had been decapitated in a grisly murder. And when riders arrive at the exit of the attic scene, the bride will still be there, this time in a new location and clutching a bouquet of wedding flowers that magically turns into a blood stained axe as each vehicle passes by.

More changes are still to come at the end of the ride, but these are likely to be far less controversial. The iconic "Hitch Hiking Ghosts" who appear in your doom buggy via those magic mirrors will make the jump to the 21st century. Instead of the extremely simple figures that barely nod their head as they appear in your car because they are literally mannequins on sticks attached to a turntable behind the two-way mirrors, more advanced and animated figures will now join you. They'll be able to move their arms and hands and really be expressive as they appear to interact with you in the vehicle.
Drumroll please, for more on this and other Disney stuff check out Miceage

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Robot Toy Collection!!

Hey there's a great video of Coop (Rat Fink fame) and his Robot Collection. Check it out.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Woospace post #500

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Space Invaders

Check out these cool wall decals!


I've known about this clip for years, and it's a must see! It's of Tyrone, a guy my wife went to college with. He is a filmmaker living in SF now. This was filmed when he was promoting a local filmfest in Columbia, MO. And yes, it is planned. That is blues clues ice cream your lookin at... ENJOY