Friday, June 02, 2006


Electronic Paint

As a painter, I find this little program interesting. Seems Miltos Manetas has created a program that gives the user the feeling of making a "Drip" painting a la Jackson Pollock. Click the mouse to change "paint" colors, the longer the cursor is held in place, the bigger the pool of paint. This is a cool creative desktop activity if you're feeling bored. Try your hand at a drip painting today! link

Mr. Belvedere

Last night I was celebrating my friend's wedding, congratulations Nic and JP! We had a lovely time and met a great group of people, all super nice. One friend in particular was interesting, Ilene Graff. Later I was told that Ilene was an actress and a singer. So, I looked up Ilene on Imbd, and to my surprise found out that she was the mother on the 80's television sit com, Mr. Belvedere! Which, I confess to watching from time to time, as a Family Times replacement. Well of course, like all things 80's, there's a fan tribute site, and it's worth taking a look at for old times sake. link

Yo Gabba Gabba

Here's a new children's show that's some kind of hip hop sesame street fused with Tim Biskup plush toys. I watched the trailer, and thought it looked way annoying, or should I say, sounded annoying. But looking at the production stills, there seems to be some sincerity behind the project, and plus a guest appearance by Biz Markie! Check it out! link

Death Guild Thunderdome

Two Men Enter, One Man Leaves... Yes, the world of Mad Max come to life as devotees of the post-apocalyptic lifestyle challenge one another in the ultimate cage match. Suspended by bungees dangling from a geodesic dome in the middle of the Nevada desert, Burning Man has become home to a real world "Mad Max" thunderdome. Click here to watch a video of the Thunderdome in operation and here for a slideshow of images.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Bus Uncle Interview

The Bus Uncle clip has created an international stir with many people wondering who is the man with so much pressure? It seems most of Asia, perhaps the world, wants to know. Well, now we have our answer, Chan Yuet-tung (Roger Chan) is the Bus Uncle, and a HK magazine has an exclusive interview with the reclusive man. You have to take a look at this article, let's just put it this way, he's unemployed, lives with five cats, and plans on running for the top position in HK government. It gets crazier than that, as Mr. Chan confesses his involvement in two deaths, and his time spent in a Belgium prison for drug smuggling. Geez, this poor guy does have pressures... And oh yeah, he's trained in the art of Fruit Sculpture. Wow! Read the translated article now!

Douglas Kolk

This October English art collector, Charles Saatchi, is bringing a new "collaborative" exhibition to the Royal Academy of Arts. The Show is entitled "USA TODAY", and is meant to reflect what is happening in contemporary art (mostly painting) here in America. Click here to see a sample of artists that will be included in the exhibition. I have chosen to spotlight artist Douglas Kolk's work. Douglas' low rent drawing and collage work seems to rely on the spirit of Basquiat and Pettibon, with the drawing skills of Elizabeth Payton. It's the kind of "uber hip" post grad school art, that is both playful and cynical, an ideal choice for a survey of American contemporary art. For more Kolk images click here.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Cosplay Jackpot!

I have found the best Cosplay site thus far, fantastic pics of costumes and characters. Dare I say, a must see. link

Another Pirates Update!

Al over at Mice Age has put together another great Disney Roundup, with inclusion of what you will experience when the newly refurbished "Pirates" opens on June 24. Read here if you want to know, but be warned mateys, there's spoilers aplenty. link

Peter Greenaway

Here's the latest from artist/director Peter Greenaway. The image is from his last art show at the Pompidou, which dealt with handbags. His current project is also not a film, but may turn into one or some kind of documentation, it's called Nightwatchers. link

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Bus Uncle

Check out this clip, it's making a big splash in China/Hong Kong. It takes place on a two story bus in Hong Kong. The kid asks the older guy "Bus Uncle" to lower his cell phone conversation, from there it just gets wild. link

Conceptual Web Paintings?

Sala, an artist in Switzerland is attempting an intriguing art project. He's selling one thousand paintings and selling them online. But his pricing is a very interesting approach, dare I say, not too different from a conceptual artist making a statment about paintings and commodity. I have to say I was skeptical at first, but checked out his site, and really dug the project. The site features different ways you can interact with the "work" and of course purchase a painting. Check it out here

Websites as Graphs

Follow this link and enter a website's address, for all you bloggers, you can also enter your own as I have done. The program creates a graph that show's how the site is structured. Blue = tags, Red = Tables, Green = Div tag, violet = images, yellow = forms, orange = linebreaks, Grey = all other tags. Kind of geeky fun.

Robots in the Classroom

A story of a sick boy and his robot, and no this is not science fiction! link

Extra Arm Baby

A two month old Chinese baby is receiving medical attention in Shanghai. Unknown whether parents have seen X-Men 3 or if the Xavier school has been contacted. That's no photoshop folks... link

Cool Flickr Set

This one goes out to Jim, thanks for coming to the bbq. Had a blast. link

Sunday, May 28, 2006