Friday, November 30, 2007

The Past and The Future is... Beowulf

That graphic pretty much sums it up...I implore anyone who thought that Beowulf looked cheesy, to go and see it...better yet, go out and see it in 3D at the I-max. I had my mind blown last night, wow, the performance by Ray Winstone was awesome, his campy bravado was pitch perfect. I can honestly say you won't see a better movie in 3D, and hell, I think it works even without it, because the script is actually adult themed and multi-lawyered... It's kind of like a long Sword and Sorcery episode of the twilight zone. This one is not to be missed... "I AM BEOWULF!!!"....

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Kara Maria

I am a sucker for pop political paintings... check out Kara's work

Joseph Kosinski

Check out the work of young commercial director, Joseph Kosinski, who has a background in f/x and will soon be moving onto the big screen with either Tron 2.0 and/or Logan's Run. His spots are amazing, check out his boards and how they transform themselves into things of beauty! link

Conan the Video Game!

Okay, since I'm on a Conan kick, and there seems to be no info on a new movie, this brand new video game for x-box 360 looks really fun.... check out the site for the game here. By Crom's will you must break your enemy! Dig the music for the game too...

The art of Ron Cobb

Ron Cobb has had an incredible creating many of the things we hold dear to us such as the visual world of Conan the barbarian, the Back to the future Dalorian, the spacecrafts in Alien and Aliens... Has anyone checked out his book, "Colorvision"? I'm wondering if I should get a copy? Check out his site here, Ron Cobb

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tavis Coburn

Tavis must be a wootwo reader, cause he's got big mao and robots in his really nice prints. They're a little pricey, but would be oh so cool for the holidays...

Celeb Legos

This is an odd mix of celebrities and historical figures, but they're are some nice ones, click here to see all 28.

Hell Demons

This image was taken at a temple in Taiwan, depicting scenes from "Hell".


This has to be one of the best images on the web!

Paris in Shanghai

This is the best picture of Paris I have ever seen. Check out that street vendor, classic!

Monday, November 26, 2007

The Land and Sea

First trip to northern California's Sonoma County, very beautiful, had a blast wine tasting and getting lost in the redwood forests.