Friday, August 04, 2006

More Cosplay

Okay, if you want to see a girl with too much time on her hands, but who does a great job of creating costumes then check out Angel's cosplay site here. Surprisingly, she's not as nerdy looking as one might think.


This Chinese baby, whose identity is being protected, was born with a few too many fingers and toes and thus I will recycle my joke and note that Professor X's school for the gifted and talented has yet to be reached.

Head Butt Trademark

BEIJING - A Chinese man has registered an image of French captain Zinedine Zidane's infamous head-butt in last month's World Cup final as his trademark, a local newspaper reported Thursday. Zhao Xiaokai, a general manager of a public relations firm specializing in sports, is now considering selling the rights to the black-and-white silhouette, which depicts the soccer star ramming his head into the chest of Italy defender Marco Materazzi during the July 9 final, the Beijing Daily said. Zhao paid 2,000 yuan (US$250; euro196) to register the trademark for clothing, shoes, hats and beer products, and has invited bids of 1 million yuan (US$125,000; euro98,000) for the rights, the report said. "Two days after the World Cup ended, I started thinking about trying to trademark the image," Zhao was quoted as saying. "This image is highly recognizable. But by using silhouettes, I can avoid infringing on the soccer star's image rights."

Raiders of the Lost Arcade

Good Futurama stuff, best quote "Monkeys aren't Donkeys!" Watch it now!

Work Spaces

Okay, so I'm really back now, posting fascinating stories that are enticing by one mere picture. And today we are looking at a blog that allows you to get up close and personal with creative peoples work spaces. So let the voyeur in you take a peek and see how people work... oooh ahhh. Link. Disclaimer: that is a pic of my old studio, which is more interesting than most on the blog, but graphic designer types might find it interesting...

Thursday, August 03, 2006

I'm back!

And I've got pictures! They are from our Tijuana/Rosarito excursion with T-Rex. And for the record, I know it's Mexico n'all but those aren't REAL zebras. The last pic is of Lady A in Palm Springs where we laid around for four days hiding from the sun, and counting all the old people. We did magage to go out for the Tuesday night "All You Can Eat Lobster Buffet" at the Spa Casino, can you say "get your tail in here!" Mmm... delicious.