Saturday, August 19, 2006

What's going on...

Dear Woospacers, as you may have noticed, things have slowed down here quite a bit. Currently I'm going through a career transition, and the learning curve is cutting into my Woospace time. But I am proud to announce that July 17 was my one year anniversary publishing this blog, and I don't want to give this up. So give me some time, and I promise, once the work transition is over, I will be back publishing on a regular basis. Until then, thank you for stopping by...

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Adopt A Bear

My friend Canada found this guy sitting across the street. Thanks C! His note says "free, please I need a home"... there you have it folks.

Monday, August 14, 2006

The Treasures of Long Gone John

Check out this cool documentary that follows the ecentric founder of the indie record label Sympathy for the Record Industry. Old Long Gone John, is an interesting fellow, watch the trailer for the film and see his influence on the L.A. "underground" art scene. Check it out, Matey! Link.

The Stars!

Check out this great pic of the heavens, click here to see it better!

Reign O'er Me

Okay, so World Trade Center came out this weekend, which I didn't see, but might. It just looks so sentimental and straightforward, but I hear Nick Cage is good. Anyhow, I suppose we'll begin to see more and more "9-11 films" in the wake of WTC, and here is one I'm looking forward to called "Reign O'er Me" starring Don Cheadle and Adam Sandler or at least his Bob Dylan look-alike. Read more about the film here.

Karate Chimp!

I've never seen anything like this... this is one primate you don't want to try to mug or tackle from behind, watch this chimp in all his karate glory! link