Friday, September 16, 2005

The Tribes of the Moon

Chinese NightBreed DVD cover, kick ass!

Weird Japanese Inventions

Your noodles too hot for ya? Fret no more. The Japanese are wildly inventive. I wish I had some of these.
Try Here!

Gay Robots

Test your gay robot knowledge
C-3PO is an easy one, by the by...

China's Disney Experiment

So Disney opened it's Hong Kong Park this week. The idea is to get rich mainlanders to pay big bucks to visit Mickey and friends. Seems Disney has done it pretty much the Disney way, although they did have to have a Feng Shui consultant, and provide one Chinese restaurant. And there's also something about employees not being able to drink water in public...mmm, very Disney I guess. Click here to read more.

Thursday, September 15, 2005


Okay, here it goes...but this is Woospace's first legit endorsement (amazing how fast we became capitalist whores) Defunker is a t-shirt company in NY, and as you can see (scroll down) I have posted an ad for their fabulous wares. I wouldn't pitch for just anyone if I didn't believe in the product and I have personally purchased this awesome Big Lobowski inspired "Jesus" shirt. But they have many other fine designs, and very few lame ones. So support Woospace by buying yourself a cool t-shirt, word.


Here's a fun poster from Shepard Fairy and Comany (obey giant). Typicaly I'm not a huge fan. Afterall, he's against branding, but yet he's all about branding. Complicit, maybe just a tad. And in his post-Andre the Giant thing, it seems Shepard has taken to slick graphic designs, many of which are based in "revolutionary" signifiers. But I do admire how he's continued to hit the streets eventhough he doesn't have to. Now he's making bank in the galleries. Check out more at Obey Giant

Dave Hickey on Status and Vegas

"This deficiency of haut bourgeois perks, I should note, also confuses visiting Easterners whom I have docented down the Strip. So attentive are they to signifiers of status and exclusivity that they become restless and frustrated. The long, lateral blend of Vegas iconography unrolls before them, and they are looking for the unmarked door through which the cognoscenti pass. They want the 'secret Vegas.' But Vegas is about stakes, not status-real action, not covert connections. The 'high-roller' rooms with satin walls are secure areas for high-stakes gambling, not hideouts for high-profile dilettantes. If Bruce Willis and Shannen Doherty just want to get their feet wet, they shoot dice with the rest of us. This seems to confuse my visitors, who don't, of course, believe in celebrity, but still, the idea of People with Names gambling in public offends their sense of order-and mitigates their aspirations as well, I suspect."

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

O.C. and Jables

I just love Jack Black China style! Jack is preparing for the Pick of Destiny , at the website you'll find a goulish newspoof, that's pretty funny. I like the weatherman.

Woospace Artist: Monique Prieto

Monique is an artist who I always found interesting, but odd. Her work came to be recoginzable for her abstract blobs. The first time I saw them, I hated them. But they grow on you. It seems her work is shifting and I thought this would be a great time to show you a painter in transition. I like her new direction (the text pieces). Here is a little about the way she use to work:

"With her funky biomorphic forms, Prieto reinvents the process of painting and overthrows romantic myths of self-expression. Using Painter 3 Mac software she draws in color with her fingers on the tiny touchpad of her laptop. She paints from the small images she prints out when they seem right. Each shape represents a character."

Woobot of the Week

"Go fuck yourself Mr. Cheney"

These are the words you'll hear, if you watch this clip from Cnn...pretty good stuff. i would put up a Cheney photo, but I can't bear to look at it.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Monument to Universal Justice?

I like Bruce Lee as much as the next guy, but this is pretty extreme. Mostar a city in war torn Bosnia, is going to errect a statue of Bruce Lee. Bruce would be proud.

Shaolin Monks and Pirates, YES!

Real Shaolin Monks are finally making their own movie. Can't wait for this. Check out the link for more.

Christians and Penguins together at last!

So Christians have decided that the film, March of the Penguins teaches Christian values. Wow. Click here to read more.


Here is a Bootleg China Dvd cover for He-Man. Who is the bald guy with the gun in the middle picture. I don't know, but I like it.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Who's the Android?

Can you guess? Okay, the gloves were a dead giveaway. Click here to read more.


This is the new Terry Gilliam film. The website is really fun, if you don't want to get lost, use the site map. As you can see from the movie's poster, this one is pretty out there. I read some early reviews, and I know I'm excited. See for yourself .

Abigail Washburn

Wow, someone finally did it. I think every musician that goes to China thinks to themselves...If I sing in Chinese, I could be really big! Well, what would have once been considered novelty, is actually quite good. Abigail Washburn spent time living in Chengdu China teaching English and also plays the Banjo. So she decided to combine the two. The result is acutally quite interesting music. Upon listening you realize her music has soul, and is beautiful. She has a nice voice and I like the banjo and cello combination. Not all her songs are in Chinese either (smart move Abigail). I'm impressed, someone finally brought Appalachia to the middle kingdom. Take a look and a listen .

Bush Surveys Katrina's Damage