Friday, October 13, 2006

Colbert Green Screen Challenge

This seems to be a match made in Internet Heaven, Steven Colbert's George Lucas Green Screen Challenge! Check it out
here and if you want to see Lucas fight dirty (tapping head) check their final duel here.

Weed Warriors

Canadian forces fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan have come across an impenetrable 10 foot high wall of marijuana that the rebel fighters are using for protection. Read more here. Thanks Mdiamond!


If you haven't seen the Grindhouse trailer, check it out. I like the total low budget feel, and over the top violence and action. These guys are trying to give the video games a run for their money. This probably won't be a big hit, but will surely will become an instant cult classic. Grindhouse

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Xiao Pang

I blogged about this kid before, but now "Xiao Pang/Little Fatty" has created his own website featuring news of his life. He reveals that he's currently 19, lives in Shanghai, and weighs 98 kg. One day someone snapped his photo during a school traffic safety activity and, "Little Fatty's soulful, eye-catching gaze quickly conquered the hearts of net friends, setting off a crazy flood of Photoshopping and making Little Fatty unwittingly into a star known around the world." Click here for a gallery of Xiao Pang images. Also, his site has different articles about the issue of being overweight in China and he has a bizarre story about a 220 lb 13 yr old boy abandoned by his father, who wandered nude into the city in search of food. For images from that story click here.

The Little Superstar

Feel the Fever!

One more from the Lost Weekend

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Nik Ainley

Shiny Binary

The Perfect Getaway

Vegas was the perfect getaway from moving and renovating stress, although we still need a solid weekend to unpack boxes. But it was well worth it. And we actually left Vegas at least $150 up, and for nickel slots that's a lot of credits won. But the biggest prize won was my own cell phone, which I had noticed wasn't with me, but figured I left it in the car. As we drove away from the casino I searched the car and no cell! So we went back to the parking spot, which was still open, and there she lay on the ground, right where I had dropped it four hours ago... Big shout out to the Vegas crew: MegDiamond, CardinalDan, A-girl, T-Rex, and J-smash! You all rock...

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

More Cosplay Vamps


Inland Empire

David Lynch's Inland Empire had it's North American debut Sunday night in New York. The film is his first feature shot entirely on digital video. Inland Empire is apparently three hours long. It's also is his most avant-garde since Eraserhead, and stars Laura Dern. Click >here to read about it and here to read about his passion for transcendental meditation.


Check out this new book of artists called Bliss

Monday, October 09, 2006

Star Stoners

Oh Wow LV

Just had to put up a "check-in" post to say that things are now on a better path, still haven't unpacked, but the lionshare of renovations are complete in the new home. But I have been crazy busy dealing with everything, but this weekend I got some quality R&R with Jsmash and company. Very fine Borg o'spehres!