Friday, June 23, 2006

Feel the Wow

Hitler Cats!

Funny. A blog dedicated to images of "Hitler Cats"... they're cute, but cruel.... Meow!

Marcos Chin

Marcos is a designer/illustrator who's work is pretty cool. You may have seen his work on the "lava life" billboards. Many of his Egon Schiele inspired characters inhabit futuristic posh spaces. Check out his stylistic renderings here.

Brown Dress Project

A Dancer, artist, and mother, has created an ongoing project where she wears the same brown dress for a whole year. She has plenty of documentation and seems like a cool woman. July 7th is the end of her year long project so check out her site.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Golden Monkeys

This poor guy is living in a crappy zoo in Wuhan China. He's too hot, so the zoo keeper gives him some ice and tangerines. Golden Monkeys are an endangered species and are oh so cute as babies, as evident here, take a look.

Back Dorm Boys Update

Well, the young duo known for their lipsyncing abilities the world over, has graduated this week, from Art School no less. Yes, the two viral video kings, are both sculptors. And like their work on the web, they collaborate on their sculptures too. Check out their blog to see their work. Plus they mug for their cameras at the opening of their senior show, the text is in Chinese, but they're some great pics. BD Boys. And click here to watch their now famous videos!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I like the work of KozynDan (Kozy and Dan) a two person design team, that have some great illustrations. They have a keen sense of fusing Asian pop imagery with that of the everyday. Definitely worth a peek through their artwork section, they're are some real gems in there. This image graced the cover of the awesome magazine Giant Robot! And yes, those are falling bunnies coming from the wave's crest! Link!

Japanese business-bot

Click here to watch a short video of a robot crawling in Japan. And here to watch a Great Panda steal some Chinese guy's coat. The reactions, dress, and general appearance of the guys in this video are classic China style.

Hasselhoff Hilarity

Check out this video for David Hasselhoff singing "Hooked on A Feeling"... here. I presume the feeling he's hooked on is cheesiness. If you've never been to the Hoffster's personal site, then check it out here. Very funny stuff.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Connie Sings

I don't follow Connie Chung, but apparently she had a cable show which was cancelled, who knew? So to go out with a bang, she decided to leave her viewers with a special song. I'm sure this is just one big media stunt, but I'll buy in, because at the end of the day, we all get to see Connie making a fool of herself, in style mind you, hence the long white gloves and smiling piano man. Have a look at her performance here.

Robo Love

The Online Times has an article about robots evolving into androids, and the different roles they will play in society.
"People are going to be having sex with robots within five years,” “My guess is that we’ll have conscious machines before 2020,” said Ian Pearson, futurologist-in-residence at BT. “If we put that in a robot, it’s an android. That is an enormous ethical change.” The article goes on to discuss the ethics of our relationships with said androids. Good short read, link

El Pandito

Nacho Libre aside, I think this is one cool Vinyl Collectible... Love the Mao cap and panda wrestler mask! To purchase one for yerself go here, Link!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Hippie Ride

Here is a group of Summer Solstice "Naturalists" preparing themselves w/body paint for a nude bike ride around the town. Although this may be a practice run, since the solstice isn't till Wednesday... All in all, not very sexy, but some fun body paints, perhaps best viewed at home though (NC 17). slideshow

No Txt

Check this, an online "magazine" with no text... an all image mag, kinda cool. link

Sand Party

I love this image, I'd like to say that its for the cover of a Chinese Folk Rock band. How great would that be? The Mammas and Pappas, China Style... But really it's an image of some folks receiving "sand therapy" in China's Xing Jiang province. Eh...

This Mortal Coil

Here's what I know, mid-80's 4 AD super group, This Mortal Coil, releases the awesome record "It'll End in Tears" with the exceptional cover song of Tim Buckley's "Song to the Siren". This song becomes an instant classic, both haunting and beautiful. I believe David Lynch used it in "Lost Highway", and I'm sure it's been used in countless other things (car commercial?). But here is a rare live performance of this now classic cover song. With Liz Cocteau on vocals, this is one beautiful must hear performance. Buckley's raw lyrics and the song's sparse arrangement, make this song complete. Watch it now! And click here if you want to read the song's lyrics, which I totally recommend.
**thank's mr. schiprock!!

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