Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Naked Pinball

To read about how this 1978 "Surf Champ" became the first ever see through pin, look here

The Great World of Sound

I heard about this new Indie picture about these traveling "A&R" guys who try to scam musicians out of money for "recording contracts". It seem like this is a bit similar to the Borat style, because the A&R guys are actors but the musicians don't know they are being taped for a film. The results seem pretty funny, and a bit cruel, but funny... To watch the trailer and clips go here.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Super Suit?

In my search for Halloween costumes, I found this funny Superman costume with freaky rubber muscles. And this thing was listed at 1,000 bucks! What tha crap...

New Van Halen

I'm not a huge Van Halen fan, but when I saw these pics, I had to post'em. That there is the new look of VH, David Lee Roth at 52 is ripped (with short hair) and the new bass player, Wolfgang Van Halen, is a pudgy long haired 16 year old. Strange. But apparently they rock... go figure.


Has it really come to this? Actually, it's kinda entertaining. link


This guy is crazy, check out his videos... human autobot

Into the Wild

Over the weekend I got to see an exceptional new film by director Sean Penn called Into the Wild. I had read the book years ago, and I am pleased to say that this is one of those rare treats where the film is as good, if not better than the book. The film is one of those movies where you come out feeling moved, changed by the experience. This tale of a young college graduate who goes on a journey of self-exploration and who eventually finds himself trapped in an old bus in Alaska, is a poignant true story. The film operates as a road movie, and is beautifully shot, capturing the most natural of moments. The acting here is top notch, and I look for it to be remembered at Oscar time. Emille Hirsch simply embodies this character so thoroughly that he flows in and out of scenes seamlessly. If this movie comes to your local theater, check it out. website