Friday, August 11, 2006

Giant Baby

A giant baby and a baby of normal size lie together at Xiangfan First People's Hospital in Xiangfan, a city in central China's Hubei Province Thursday, Aug. 10, 2006. The giant baby, who weighs 12 pounds and is two feet tall, was born at the hospital on Thursday.

Get Sam Jackson to make a call for you...


Daniel Krall

Sorry my posting has been erratic, started a new job, and I'm trying to learn as much about as possible. Anyhow, here's a cool artist with some nice work. link

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Tron Guy

Jay Maynard built himself a Tron costume, and then the world found him on the internet. I had never seen this site, and if you haven't, then I'd suggest checking out his videos. His appearances on Jimmy Kimmel are pretty awkward TV, check out his site here.


Had to post this picture... this is the town I lived in for two years! Duyun is a remote city in Guizhou province, well known for it's minority population. I walked down that street (known as Dog street) many times. This looks like a "traditional" wedding ceremony for the media, as the ethnic Buyi people are often used to promote tourism.

More Chinglish

Everyone who has ever been to Asia loves these signs. Take a look at this great gallery of "chinglish" images. link.

Olympics 08

This week marks the official two year countdown to China's big Olympic show. Yesterday they released the first pictograms for the various sports. It seems to me they are loosely based on ancient Chinese characters, not the modern day ones. China is freaking out in anticipation, yesterday they tried to predict the weather for the opening ceremony...

Wickerman fest

Not quite sure what this is all about, but it seems to be an interesting flickr set of a Scottish hippy outing known as "Wickerman". Some good documentation pics, but also great pictures of Scotland too. link

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Beauty Robot

"Rong Cheng", a newly-created robot, sits on display at the Institute of Automation of Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing August 7, 2006. Rong Cheng, dubbed as the first Chinese "beauty" robot, is able to respond to some 1,000 Chinese words. She can dance, bow and greet people in the Sichuan dialect as she is destined for the Sichuan Science Museum to serve as a receptionist. The robot costs about 300,000 yuan (US$37,500) to make, according to Xinhua News. [Reuters]

pop culture vomit...

Lord help us, what has pop culture done to us? Just when you thought Paris Hilton mania couldn't get any more out of control, Sanrio, the folks behind Hello Kitty, have taken it to another level. They have created a signature Hello Kitty figure with a Paris Hilton look. Thankfully, it's only available in Japan.

Sam Hiti

Sam Hiti has published a book called "Ghoulash" which of course features a host of ghouls and monsters. He has some nice loose ink drawings of all things creepy, check it out!