Friday, August 19, 2005

Poor Selling T-shirts


"#2 Grandpa"

"I failed to survive Smokin' Joe's Five-Alarm Chili Pit"

"Ask Me About Nudism"

"My mom attended the Mechanicsburg, PA, Quilt Fair and was thoughtful enough to buy me this souvenir, which I cherish."

"I'm with that guy to my left ... no, sorry, one more over ... yeah, that's him."

Pee Pee time...

Only in China could such a picture exist. This one goes out to everyone who has lived in China. As you may know, little boys in China are considered to be "little emperors" and they can be very spoiled. This photo reminds me of the day I saw my neighbor assisting her grandson while he was taking a dump in the public trash heap. She wiped for him and everything...and the kid was five years old!


And to think, this was part of my childhood!!?

Woospace Cool Stuff

This is my first ever endorsement of product. But its for a good cause, and it's cool. My friend eTHOS, a chicago artist, has a couple of limited print shirts for sale. He's trying to finance a move, so help'em out if you like the shirts. LINK

Artist Watch: Jennifer Steinkamp

Melding aspects of computer animation, video art, abstract painting, structuralist cinema, and architecture, Jennifer Steinkamp creates ravishing abstract and figurative projections that reside in the realm between the physical and the virtual.
I am not particularly fond of video projection artists, but I must admit, if you've ever seen a Jennifer Steinkamp in person, it's intoxicating. To read more about this artist and see some of her work click here

Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Back Stroke of The West?

Some of you may know that I spent two years in the Peace Corps living in China. One of my favorite pastimes was watching bootleg DVD or VCD (long story), anyway...these images are from a bootleg copy of Revenge of the Sith or as the English translation of the Chinese Title for the film goes: "the Backstroke of the West" how crazy is that. And instead of Annakin joining the "dark side", to the Chinese at least, he joins the Presbyterian Church. Seems Odd, but okay...

Page 6

To be continued...

Page 5

New: Comics!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


When you strip down the glitter of Hollywood, beneath the big names, theres always an idea written down. Some of those ideas come in the form of the "query letter." A query letter is an unsolicited letter explaining what your idea is for the next blockbuster (or at least a straight to dvd release). Over at the blog: Query letters i love, some guy has created a compilation of some of the cheesiest query letters to enter LA. Go now...

Los Feliz Indian Heaven

Went to lunch today at India Sweets and Spices. This is the first Indian restaurant and store, where I felt like I was in India. The food is authentic and tasty. Cheap eats too. For five bucks, you get two vegies, rice, bread, yogurt, samosa and drink. It's a feast and a treat. Check out goodies in the display case.

Woobots of the Week

You have been chosen!

Ever wonder what's really up with Tom Cruise and his Scientologist friends? Well, click here and find out. You can also check the message boards and find out why Beck is a scientologist, yup that's right folks.

Just like...Hell!

Okay, so there is the inevitable headline for reviewers of this film. I really know nothing about it, but I can tell you from the looks of's a stinker. I actually thought the, "no one sees her like he does" tag line was a vandals doing...I wish it had been. Plus any Reese Witherspoon movie that uses a CURE song title, must be lame. Avoid this one at all costs. Unless you liked "Ghost" or "Sweet Home Alabama"...then, have at it.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

International Robotic Simon Says Competition

Taipei - The first ever International Robotic Simon Says competition was held Saturday. Taiwanese singing sensation, Katherine Liu, was chosen to serve as "Simon." Liu remarked before the competition, "I don't know what I'm supposed to do. They just asked me to do this, and I thought it would be fun. I've always been a big kid, I just love robots, they're so cute." More than 17 entries from around the world entered the contest. After two hours and twenty six minutes, "Dody" from Team Germany and "Nara 2" from Team Japan were the final two robots competing. Team Japan was victorious after Dody was eliminated for placing his robotic claw in the air, after Liu said "Simon says claws down."


This is a painting I sold last January.


Ever live in China, no? Well, you don't know what you're missing. But John, over at Sinosplice can help you get a feel for it. He is a student learning Chinese and he also runs a pretty cool blog that has photos and reviews of stuff he encounters. So before you drop everything, and move to China to teach english, check THIS out.

Me, You, and Everyone We Know

Me and You and Everyone We Know is a quirky little movie, about art, quiet moments, banality, and desire. If you haven't seen this film I recommend seeing it, on the acting merits of young Brandon Ratcliff alone. Brandon plays Robby, and this actor delivers a memorable comedic scene like none I've ever seen. And if you have seen the movie, then go to the link and check out Miranda July's Blog, behind the scene photos, audio clips, and even this great t-shirt! Viva la Poop!

Monday, August 15, 2005

In search of...

Saturday night...we got the craving for an In N Out Grilled Cheese. For all those that don't know, In N Out is a S. Cali institution. And they have a "secret" menu that includes a "grilled cheese" which is really an extra-cheesy burger, hold the burger. Do yourself a favor and order it "animal style" i.e. extra spread and grilled onions. Then get a side of fries and an authentic, (see real icecream) shake. You'll thank me later.

Sweatband lips


This weekend, I went to the LA Tofu Festival. Almost didn't make it due to getting caught up in a Sumo demonstration. Once pulled away from the "grappling", we found our way to the festival booths. The Tofu festival is a great celebration of all things tofu. Surprisingly, there was a noticeable lack of hippies, Tofu's other favorite fans. The crowd was eclectic though, and hungry for tofu. They had tofu in many forms: raviolli, tostadas, hotdogs, icecream, smoothies, sausage, chili, and even cold! Cold Tofu was the emcees of the event. An asian improv group? Sounds painfully funny right...Actually they're pretty good. Anyway, look for the Tofu festival on the Travel channel sometime in the near future.

Uki, former Tofu eating champion

Uki (forget his last name) from Japan is a three time Tofu eating champion. He also holds the world record for eating a 14 oz. block of tofu: 23 seconds. Uki had great expressions, "Tofu I must like, to stay hungry." But he was very weary when asked to divulge his trade secrets. However, in a very disappointing Tofu eating turn of events, Uki was unseated by a deaf Russian man (who kept signing to someone in the audience, a tofu eating coach perhaps?) Regardless, the deaf mans victory pretty much killed any notion of a post victory interview.

This speaks volumes

One of my crack woospace agents nearly lost his life to bring this to you. But now we have the truth.

Drawing no. 4

Just a little Woo art.