Monday, September 25, 2006

Huo Yuanjia

I saw "Jet Li's Fearless" this weekend. As far as Jet Li's final opus, not his best work, but the simple story translates to a fairly engaging martial arts film. The director Ronny Yu and Jet Li do their best to create depth to the real life character, Huo Yuanjia. The only problem is that many of the fights and events were fictionalized, none the less, Western and Asian audiences alike will most likely be cheering for Jet Li as he goes out kicking and punching. Fearless website P.S. Obviously, this film based on a Chinese national hero, has strong nationalistic tendencies, which will most likely be overlooked by western audiences in search of a "Bloodsport" type of fighting flick, but are quite heavy handed. Although the film looks great on the big screen, I think I actually liked the fight scenes better in Tony Jaa's "The Protector" better.

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