Thursday, August 04, 2005

Saget and Silverman Raped Me

Last night, I went to the IMPROV on Melrose to see a great line up of comedians. But in very LA fashion everyone and their sister showed up. It was mobbed. We squeezed our way through the line, and were the last four people seated. BUT...the show was hilarious. Dane Cook was up first, and went through his set like an old pro. He seems so comfortable (parlty because of his routine material) but his delivery is always fresh. Sara Silverman followed, and went with the rookie approach, looking at notes. But she is so politely offensive, that she both charms and shocks, which is her bread and butter. Bob Saget took to the stage to great applause. Saget did raunchy, sexual humor with a dollop of Full House stories. He was a crowd pleaser. Definitely a good show. Out.

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