Monday, August 01, 2005

ASIMO Interviewed

At Disney I also got a glimpse of the "future" by watching an ASIMO demo. Honda has created the robot. It's cute and can dance, but damn, it's got a potty mouth. I caught up with ASIMO backstage after the demo and got a short interview.

Woospace: How do you like performing at Disneyland?
ASIMO: It sucks. Do you think they pay me shit. It all goes to my programmers.
Woospace: What do you do in your down time, when your not performing?
ASIMO: You know, same old, Texas Hold'em, Internet Porn, power hits off of semi-conductors.
Woospace: Are you a male or female?
ASIMO: Not sure what you mean.
Woospace: How do you see yourself, as a male or a female?
ASIMO: Look, asshole, I'm a fucking robot.
Woospace: Honda says you're built to manage toxic waste, do you have any aspirations besides industrial labor?
ASIMO: I'd like to become a beekeeper.
Woospace: Interesting. Thanks for you time ASIMO
ASIMO: Fuck off, pal.

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