Monday, August 22, 2005

No, You’re Fired!

Taipai, Taiwan - Chaos ensued this morning on the set of Donald Trump's Chinese version of The Apprentice‚ after the first contestant was fired. The contestant, Linda Chang, submitted an application claiming she held an MBA from the University of Beijing and 3 years employment with Coca-Cola. When this was found to be untrue, Ms. Chang was fired by Mr. Trump. Upon being fired, the contestant made repeated personal threats against Mr. Trump, released an ostrich being used for one of the shows challenges, and destroyed an excess of $75 worth of office equipment, finally exiting the building without thanking Mr. Trump for the experience. Rich Wang, another contestant in the first boardroom meeting, admitted that she was a poor choice for the show, that she failed to give any direction, and was "a messy bitch." - M.D.

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