Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Woospace Artist: Raymond Pettibon

Raymond is a Los Angeles Enigma. Famous for his loose drawings of pen and ink, with text that highlights the absurdity of his images, Raymond's work plays like a mysterious oracle. His work has become quite popular as it has been used by many Punk bands (his brother was in Black Flag) and so he has created work for Black Flag, Sonic Youth, Foo Fighters just to name a few. In art school we would hear strange stories about Raymond, how he was reclusive, and couldn't talk about his work publicly, not that I really blame him. I have seen a few of his shows, and I am always struck by how diligent the work is. Most of his work is installed "salon" style filling up the gallery walls. It gives off the immediate impression that Raymond likes to draw, that making art has become something necessary for his sanity. And even his bad drawings become good in that context, which I guess is the great thing about dedicating yourself to something.

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