Monday, May 08, 2006

Goldblum's "Pittsburgh"

Pittsburgh has been having a good run lately, what with the Steelers and now local hometown boy made good, Jeff Goldblum returning home to perform the role of Professor Harold Hill in a stage production of "The Music Man". While doing so he also made a "documentary" where Jeff plays himself, an eccentric actor who returns to his hometown to star in a local community theater production of "The Music Man". This film sounds weird and interesting to me, as Jeff is generally zany. Read more about it here

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Woobot said...

Read this.... 51 and 23... wow, the powers of J. Goldblum.

The setup is the real-life love affair between Hollywood star Jeff Goldblum and musical-theater actress Catherine Wreford. The execution is all very-much like something Christopher Guest might dream up: The initial, hokey staged footage shows the May-September couple (Goldblum’s 51, his love 23) frolicking in the crashing waves on the shore, mugging like newlyweds aboard a carriage ride in Central Park, and skating gleefully in Rockefeller Center. But when Goldblum realizes that his Canadian love is about to be deported, he hatches a scheme to get her a work visa and keep them together: They’ll both star in a homegrown production of The Music Man at the Civic Light Opera Theater in his hometown of Pittsburgh. Fact and sketch-comedy intermingle recklessly, as Goldblum persuades his pals Ed Begley and Illeana Douglas to co-star, Begley enlists Goldblum to help him sell the fake environmental energy invention “Solar Man 2000,” and Douglas breaks up with her onscreen boyfriend Moby (who gamely plays along as a man fascinated with amateur porn). Of course, it does get a little meta—as Goldblum becomes a real-life music man, cajoling his friends into creating a big, beautiful cast (if not band) that gleefully plays to a Pittsburgh audience. (The mayor names a holiday after him in the end!). You’d have to think that the old huckster Harold Hill would approve