Sunday, May 07, 2006

CHSSC Banquet

Last night, as a guest of Chinese actor Jack Ong, I attended The Spring Banquet of The Chinese Historical Society of Southern California. The banquet paid tribute to Mr. Ong and his fellow Chinese American actors living in L.A. Jack and I met on the set of "Art School Confidential" during the filming of the cermaics room scene. I will never forget meeting Jack, and watching him get into character as the crusty Professor Okamura, a burned out art teacher. Jack is also in another recently released film, the highly acclaimed, "Akeelah and the Bee". In "Akeelah" Jack plays an encouraging "Korean" grocer.

Also at the banquet, I got the opportunity to meet Mr. James Hong, the baddest Chinese wizard ever to fight the Wing Kong in Big Trouble in Little China. Mr. Hong played the role of Lo Pan in John Carpenter's classic tale of an arrogant truckdriver who stumbles upon a dangerous and magical Chinese underground realm. I introduced myself to Mr. Hong, and got to talk to the "ten-foot tall roadblock" himself (although he was a bit preoccupied, in search of his "goody" bag). But he and the other honorees were well received all night and I had a real blast, thanks again Jack!


Jim said...


He was a "Villain of the Day" on JimSmash last week:

DEVODANA said...

Indeeeed!! Indeeed! Where's my gift bag, and a beautiful girl with green eyes who's nose I can sing about?

Woobot said...

Devodana... that was awesome, very funny, glad you saw my other posting... Indeed!