Monday, April 03, 2006

Ugh Oh, Kurt...

Can someone tell me what is wrong with Courtney Love? Why is she such an incredible fuck-up. Have you heard that she has agreed to sell off a 25 percent stake in the Nirvana song catalog in a deal valued at $50 million (which probably doesn't come close to paying her debts, **drugs are expensive). And the owner of that 25% stake, is Douche Bag, Larry Mestel former head of Virgin Records. "I took on a strategic partner, Larry, to help me co-manage the estate because it was overwhelming," Love said. "The affairs of Nirvana are so massive and so huge, and they've all fallen on my lap." Whah... Courtney... come'on, you sound like such a Tool. Then later she insists, "We're going to remain very tasteful, and we're going to [retain] the spirit of Nirvana and take Nirvana places it's never been before!" Oh, WTF!!! This is gonna get bad people, we're gonna be hearing "Heart Shaped Box" on Kleenex commericals. I mean this is gonna suck. So for fun, if you spot an ad with a Nirvana song, be sure to let me know and I'll post it. Oh, give me some aspirin, I feel my head hurting already.

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Jim said...

JIM SMASH!!!!!!!