Friday, April 07, 2006


What is orz? "orz" is net lingo (or an emoticon) that was created in Japan in 2004 and has since become adapted by the Chinese and Taiwanese. It represents for a person facing left kneeling on the floor. In its original home of Japan, it symbolized an apologetic kneel where "o" is the head, "r" is the arms and torso, and "z" is the legs.

"orz" in Taiwan is linked to the Culture of Nice People . Being called a "Nice" person in this regard is like a girl telling you, "Oh, I think you're a very nice person. I believe you can find a better girl than me. I only want to be friends with you." In other words, a way for girls to reject guys.

And now, it's been adapted to become [translation note: only a partial selection has been translated]:

orz = kid
OTZ = adult
or2 = butt raised
○rz = big head
or2=3 = just farted
崮rz = King of 囧
莔rz = Queen of 囧
st冏 = his wife upstairs?

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