Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Miami Vice

It's all about the Stache! That thing on Jamie Foxx's chin looks ridiculous however. I don't know if people are really excited about this movie, it looks kinda cheesy to me. And I've heard Michael Mann is difficult to work with, you wouldn't believe the stories I've heard actually. But he is a good filmmaker, very into the details, so I'll reserve judgment. But just look at that facial hair... handle bars no less! Miami vice


Jim said...

I'm actually looking forward to this. It doesn't look like your normal cheezie parody remake. Mann was the guy behind the original show, so I'm expecting him to modernize it while still poking some fun.

breonala@yahoo.com said...

Remember Red Dragon???? That was Mann right? The scene with Iron Butterfly.... one version was real long and the other was chopped or something like that... looking forward to all the Art Deco-Pastels!!!!! Have bikinis changed that much????