Wednesday, March 08, 2006


It's starting, a whole new generation will grow up not with Christoper Reeve as their image of Superman, but this guy? He looks a little off to me... And what's up with the Where's Waldo Superman rip-off? Anyway, for all things Superman check out this link Plus, theres some other really cheesy children's book covers... I don't know if I'm ready for Supermania, you?


Jim said...

well, hopefully the movie will be so god awful it will leave the theaters quickly and not really make an impression on the youth. ah, what dreams may come.

on opening day, I say we have a viewing of the TRUE Superman movie with Reeve. who's with me?!!


Based on the character "Super Man" which originally was a comic book means as youth, the targeted audiance they are "right outta da gate " with a "children's marketing stategy" that embraces "educationally correct" materials....not just fun but you can tie it into learning! FUCK DAT SHIT! give the rug rats an old bike tire and a stick and some dirt I say!