Monday, March 06, 2006

And the Winner is...?

Well, how disappointing was that... I guess the Oscars can only go so gay... Giving Ang Lee the unenviable position of one of those rare best directors without a best film... hmmmm. Anyways, the best part of the oscars for me was the champagne cocktails... After awhile, I forgot all about Dolly Parton's creepy face and Jack Nickolson's sunglasses. But thanks to everyone that attended our party and made it fun. And our Oscar pool winner was none other than two time runner up, Dan Levinson. Good going Dan, and thanks for the classy job of buying Papa Johns with some of your winnings. And if you want to read about how the host, Jon Stewart, did check out this Hollywood columnist rating of Stewart's performance, by the way, she says he Bombed... But I thought he was hilarious... Whatever lets have Billy Crystal kiss everyone's ass for four hours every year, that's better right?

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