Friday, March 31, 2006

LACMA Late Night Bash

The Los Angeles County Museum held their late night bash last night and the turn out was crazy. It's LA so I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but hundreds of people lined up around the block to "party" at the museum. It was free to get in, but the drinks were expensive, and I found it interesting how the county museum was trying to re-invent itself by creating a "hip" club atmosphere. But the reason why we went was to see a free screening of "Art School Confidential". Of course, a lot of the bits I was in were cut out, but I still managed to see myself two or three times. And I also ran into my friend Nicky, who plays the "angry lesbian", it was fun watching it with her, as she is heavily featured. Anyways, I think the reviews are wrong, "Art School" was really freak'n hilarious, especially if you've gone to art school. I recommend seeing it when it comes out May 5th.

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