Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I got Knocked Up

Sorry, my posting has suffered but I have just started a new show, Knocked Up from Judd Apaptow, the writer/director of forty year old virgin. It seems that his new one picks up where his last one left off... sex. Seth Rogen will play the lead who gets a blind date pregnant. Check out this article for more.

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breonala@yahoo.com said...

My next door neighbor just got DSL..... what better occasion to float back across the vast, fertile,luxurious,wasteland of Woospace\Jimsmash and rekindle old memories of so long long ago????
Who can forget the Framestore,Pucca,Hybrid Med, and so much much more??? Ahhh the good old days!!!!!!! Would somebody buy Smash a damn light saber for GODS SAKES!?!?!