Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Bus Uncle Interview

The Bus Uncle clip has created an international stir with many people wondering who is the man with so much pressure? It seems most of Asia, perhaps the world, wants to know. Well, now we have our answer, Chan Yuet-tung (Roger Chan) is the Bus Uncle, and a HK magazine has an exclusive interview with the reclusive man. You have to take a look at this article, let's just put it this way, he's unemployed, lives with five cats, and plans on running for the top position in HK government. It gets crazier than that, as Mr. Chan confesses his involvement in two deaths, and his time spent in a Belgium prison for drug smuggling. Geez, this poor guy does have pressures... And oh yeah, he's trained in the art of Fruit Sculpture. Wow! Read the translated article now!

1 comment: said...

Can't get Bus Uncle at work!!!! Diggidy Dang Dooon!!!
Can't even get the filtered version to come up!! It's all blocked!!! I think I'll have a tirade now!!!!!!!!!!