Sunday, October 16, 2005

Woospace Art Reviews

That's right folks, fall is here which means one thing, the new art season is kicking in. Saturday night I hit the galleries in Culver City and Mid Wilshire district to bring you some images, reviews and recommendations on some of L.A.'s top galleries.

I started out at Blum and Poe where I took in "Black Black", a two person show with Nigel Cooke's (mostly black) paintings and George Condo's sculptures. Cooke's paintings were eerie and mysterious, black voids with traces of a eroded landscapes. I really enjoyed this young British artist's work and liked how well George Condo's sculptures complimented Cooke's paintings, especially because in Cooke's finely detailed landscapes, severed heads can be found.

Next up was "Cut" at Susanne Vielmeter The group show seemed to be based upon the idea of collage, and "remixing" images. I didn't care for the show too much but did enjoy Mark Bradford's "Soccer Balls" (which of course were already sold).

I finished up the Culver galleries with two continuing show's, Harve Levine Gallery's group show "Blame Canada" and Sixspace's Seonna Hong's "People in the City". I liked the installation and quirkiness of this mid-career show of Canadian artists, especially the "Total Pity Party" piece. And I also enjoyed the illustrative quality of Seonna Hong's paintings of Asian girls, simple and satisfying.

I then traveled over to Wilshire and went to Carl Berg Gallery and really enjoyed German artist, Sabine Dehnel's painting/photo fusions. The artist paints over posed models in photographs and then photographs the results, creating work that fuses both mediums. I thought these were really cool.

Finally at 6150, I really enjoyed the Robert and Tilton artist Delphine Courtillot. Her show, "October Lands" are a series of nicely rendered gouaches on paper. Her subjects evoke gothic histories and playful experiences.
Lastly, at 1301pe Pae White's solo show, Periwinkle, fused painting, sculpture and installation to create a show that the audience both views and interacts with. I have to say I didn't think this is Pae's best work, but even her so-so work is usually pretty good. Her carefully hung glass piece was really nice, reminiscent of her installation at the Hammer last year.

That's it. More art selections and images when I hit the next round of openings.


Matt said...

Hey Hunter,

Stumbled upon your blog. Looks good. We should play b-ball sometime.

I didn't have your e-mail so I wasn't able to send you an e-announcement for my show at 16:1, but you should review my show if you're ever able to get down there, since it's the only review I'll probably get. Keep me updated on your shows as well. Hope you're well.

Matt MacFarland

Woobot said...

Yes, definitely! That sounds real good...I'll get down there...and take a look. Let's do some ball'n.

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