Friday, October 21, 2005

Clockwork Wars

Looks like Lucas has done more digital changes to some of his original movies. I don't think Leia knows what she's in for.
And for something even slightly more disturbing, go to Leias Metal Bikini Site Apparently you can buy the costume and put your image wearing it on the site.

2 comments:\ said...

OK...nuthin to do with Star Wars or CLK O
My friend Brian is showing SW#4 to his 5 yr old as I write this

...Last Night @ Barns of Wolf Trap
Junior Brown.....Opening act
Abigail Washburn! She did the 2 songs..chinese...autographed her CD I spoke with her mother there and I can't remember where I saw the bit about her...Was it Sinosplice...I've been searchin but can't remember where???
She had the fellow on the cello good stuff !!!!!!!!!!!!

Woobot said...

I wrote about Abigail months ago, she's really good.