Friday, September 23, 2005

Spitting, Pooping, Oh my!

Last Saturday, the LA Times ran a great story called "China Changes Course". If you have never lived in China, you are going to be surprised by what's in the article. Essentially the Chinese Government is doing what they do best, and is starting a new propoganda campaign to change the behaviors and morals of their citizens, ugh - good luck with that one. And to be realistic, when you get down to it, China can be a rude, crude, dirty environment. And what's great about the article is it gives an ever so brief explanation of why Chinese people spit, push, and yell. You guessed it folks, the Cultural Revloution! You see, that's what happens to a civilzation when the peasants seize control, manners sometimes get left behind. It's a good read. Go here now

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