Sunday, September 18, 2005

Hot Corpse Bride

I think this should be the actual title for Tim Burton's latest creation. Being dead never looked so good. Except for that maggot in the Bride's eye...she's a dead bombshell for the ages. If you're a fan of Burton's or ever was, I think you'll enjoy this one. It's a simple story, with a few musical numbers (who doesn't like a cabaret song and dance with the dead). Nothing here feels entirely fresh, but does seem to be an improvement on the stop animation front. The color pallete is very deliberate, and plays strong throughout the film. Burton seems to be not so much creating, as he is quoting from a particular visual style, and characters. By the way, the maggot is played by a Peter Lorre avatar. Overall, I enjoyed myself and never felt disappointed. I even heard some dude rooting against the villan behind me. To check out some cool Corpse Bride photos and the maggot character go
Here .

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