Thursday, June 07, 2007

Tim Cappello

Who remembers the buff sax player in Tina Turner's band? His name is Tim Cappello and he had some classic screen time in the film Lost Boys playing his hit song,
I Still Believe which is full of 80's cheesiness... he's wearing chains around his neck! Or check out his sax solo in the One Of The Living video from the Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome soundtrack! You've never seen so much Baby Oil in your life... Plus check out his silver drum stick "holster" featured in the picture, one must always have a quick draw for Cowbell playing... Yes!


Anonymous said...

geez, snark much?
You sweat performing in Southern California in the summertime. [Do you wish looking like that just takes baby oil?] Musclehead or not, he's a musician who can actually play something besides a turntable, and he's got jealous hot talent.
From what I know of him, he's not stuck-up, he's too earnest to have traded hope for cynicism yet, and he works hard at his dreams instead of waiting to be "made." He's also generous with the music he writes.

Renee said...

Well......I have never responded to anything online. But...there is always a first. I have forever wanted to see Tina Turner live. In watching her "Wildest Dreams" tour on T.V., I just commented to my husband that it will most likely be one of my biggest regrets that I have never made it to one of her concerts. I also regret that if I ever do make it to one, that Tim Cappello is no longer part of her band. Being a sax player in highschool, I have totally enjoyed listening to his musical talent on this concert video..not to mention, he is not too hard on the eyes.

xh9o said...

can´t read those "80ies cheesyness" bullshit anymore. that creative experimentalism was just the best music ever written. and "i still believe" is the most powerfull of the millions of songs i had listened to in my entire life. just full of blown soul.

Anya said...
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Anya said...

Hi Tim - Hope you and your loved ones are doing well.Not only are you an extremely talented musician,but "down to earth" and sweet guy. I will never forget the wonderful telephone conversation we had after the Joe Lewis arena concert while touring with Tina Turner in Detroit. I pray for you everyday! Your No#1 fan from Pa. Ann....P.S. Thanks ever so much for the picture you sent me.