Thursday, May 17, 2007

Knocked Up

Finally, I got a chance to see this film and overall I thought the film worked. I was pleased to see the director, Judd Apatow, introduce the film telling the crew thanks for working on it, and that it couldn't have been as bad as doing a Micheal Mann movie... The big trick with this movie was to see if Seth Rogen and Kathrine Heigl would have any kind of on-screen chemistry, and for the most part they do. What makes this film work isn't so much the premise, a loser guy getting a one night stand pregnant; it's the fact that Apatow laces the film with everyday experiences that the audience can relate to. Some of the best jokes are about marriage and parenthood, coming from Paul Rudd and Apatow's real world wife, Leslie Mann. I thought Mann's performance as an overly concerned parent and control freak were dead on. Her scene with the bouncer was classic. This is definitely an adult comedy, in the sense that it's not about two male figure skaters becoming teammates. There is a fairly honest approach to Apatow's comedy, and he let's his actors say what people would really say. I did find some of the "slacker/stoner/party guys" humor a bit forced... One too many bong hits, we get it, he's a stoner, I mean you named the character Ben Stone for gosh sakes. But the asian stoner girlfriend did have some stand out moments, and her boyfriend's running beard gag was kinda funny, and served the film well with a nod to the passage of time (9 months...) Anyway, if you liked 40 year-old virgin at all, then you'll most likey enjoy it, if not like this one better. Trailer P.S. Seth Rogen's "impressions" in the film are hilarious.

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