Wednesday, May 09, 2007


This is a great clip of a great song, just days before the first Gulf War right in front of the white house!


noerb said...

When Joey was just a kid he used to hang around with Eddie Gooly...(Eddie was like the pied piper of Randolph Hills later drummer for the Obsessed) time they jammed in my basement....They left beer cans everywhere...obviously before Fugazi days...I should go to one of Joey's shows he does some solo stuff these days

Jim said...

Nice! One of Fugazi's killer $5 shows was the first time I moshed.

Its really sad now that you can't get anywhere near the White House nowadays. All the roads surrounding it are blocked off by security, even if you're walking. DC has changed under the Bush administration.

Anonymous said...

Ed Gooly was a very a very talented drummer...he had a wild way of doing things...for instance...using a harness rig he would stand on a chair in the front yard with a fake noose around his neck and have a kid kick the chair out as a car drove by frightening the driver