Tuesday, February 06, 2007


If you saw the Halftime show, then you may have heard Prince play a FooFighters song, at the time I thought it was because he was a fan. But really it was a "fuck you", because Prince had been upset when Grohl covered Prince's "Darling Nikki".
"Prince was not too charmed with the Foo Fighters covering one of his songs. Prince got back at them by covering Best of You, preceded by the classic All along the Watchtower. Watchtower was originally a Bob Dylan song, but after Jimi Hendix covered it, the song will always be remembered by Jimi Hendix' version. By starting with Watchtower, Prince put his cover of Best of You in that context, suggesting that from now on that song will be remembered by his interpretation."

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breonala said...

The former Nirvana drummer...another Northern VA boy!