Tuesday, January 02, 2007


A highlight of my hiatus has been seeing David Lynch's Inland Empire. The film is like nothing I've experienced before in a theater. It clocks in at a whopping three hours, but does not feel long, just strange, but in an exciting Lynchian kind of way. This is definitely the most raw and perhaps the most pure David Lynch film ever. It examines the darkness of Hollywood dreams... and nightmares. Laura Dern turns an absolutely gut wrenching performance as the ill fated starlet fated to fall down Lynch's terrifying rabbit hole. It is his first film shot on digital video and at times I felt like I was watching an art video from the likes of Paul McCarthy or Tony Oursler. At the end of the film there is a great dream world sequence with dancing doo-wop girls and a burley lumberjack. The odd thing was, here at the end of this crazy movie, I recognized the lumberjack as my friend Keith. I emailed him later, and he told me about meeting David through a friend, and how his film company has a special thanks in the film and that David had designed this scene and had asked him to be in it. Quite a close to a very odd day.


breonala said...

Tasty little devils! They're new!

china boy said...

what the hell????

china boy said...

Oh I got! Duh! artificial chickens