Thursday, October 12, 2006

Xiao Pang

I blogged about this kid before, but now "Xiao Pang/Little Fatty" has created his own website featuring news of his life. He reveals that he's currently 19, lives in Shanghai, and weighs 98 kg. One day someone snapped his photo during a school traffic safety activity and, "Little Fatty's soulful, eye-catching gaze quickly conquered the hearts of net friends, setting off a crazy flood of Photoshopping and making Little Fatty unwittingly into a star known around the world." Click here for a gallery of Xiao Pang images. Also, his site has different articles about the issue of being overweight in China and he has a bizarre story about a 220 lb 13 yr old boy abandoned by his father, who wandered nude into the city in search of food. For images from that story click here.

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