Monday, September 18, 2006

Woospace Relaunch

I was noticing that woospace has been down about a month, and was really feeling the loss. So I am preparing to get things rebooted and back online! The last month has been a crazy struggle shifting into a graphic design position and purchasing my first home. Yes, I signed the papers this morning... So things will continue to be hectic for me, but for those who are still interested I am going to attempt to put some content up.


Anonymous said...

Omer misses his woospace said...

Kinky Freidman is running for Guvner of Texas!!!! God bless America!!! I'm glad you are buying a home I bet Georgey Porgey is happy too! How hot was it in yer old kitchen?????
I don't know why or where the Kinky bit came from???? But it sure is funny...Hell ! You got Arnload!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! said...

GOD!!! I'm glad everything is OK...and yer back and all....WHEW!!
I was worried there for a while!
P.S. Smash is gonna kill me fer my racist slurs!!!! Oiy!

Jim said...

We missed ya!!!

Congrats on the signing!

Woobot said...

wow, I'm thrilled to see people actually care..."omer", "Smash", "Breon"... thank you