Friday, June 09, 2006

Nacho Libre

I don't know how excited I am for this movie. I really like J.B. and I also liked Napoleon Dynamite, but I have serious reservations about this comedy. I will say that while working on Nancy Myers, The Holdiay, I got to see J.B. on and off set, and he was very gracious with everyone. I didn't speak to the hombre, but we exchanged eye contact and he gave me the "was up bro" nod. Anyhow, after changing out of his wardrobe, he showed up to lunch late, most stars would just walk to the front of the buffet line, but not J.B. he calmly waited his turn at the back of the line, classy. Anyways, if you're a fan, you'll want to read this well written article about him and his new movie here. And if you're interested to see Jack in a romantic comedy with Kate Winslet, click here! I have to say, I liked the script, but am not impressed with this trailer.

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