Thursday, June 22, 2006

Back Dorm Boys Update

Well, the young duo known for their lipsyncing abilities the world over, has graduated this week, from Art School no less. Yes, the two viral video kings, are both sculptors. And like their work on the web, they collaborate on their sculptures too. Check out their blog to see their work. Plus they mug for their cameras at the opening of their senior show, the text is in Chinese, but they're some great pics. BD Boys. And click here to watch their now famous videos!

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hannijin said...

nice update on the backdorm boys you've got. just learned about them two weeks ago and have been going through their videos everyday. these guys are so funny. the pictures you have on them, i have only seen now. some where in their chinese blog. too bad i can't read chinese. would have been interesting to know what was written.